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Jo at the Show…First Post!

February 16, 2015

Hi, it’s Jo…and this is my first official “Jo at the Show” post!  If you love movies and you’re crazy about awards season, then please join me as we talk about movies and who’s worthy of winning!

The Golden Globes and the SAG’s are behind us, but the BIG ONE is coming up this Sunday!  For me, this week is all about Oscar!  I enjoy seeing all of the nominated movies for Best Pic, so here is my rating for the ones I’ve seen:

(1 star)-yuck…just awful   

(2 stars)-meh    

(3 stars)-yea, it’s pretty good    

(4 stars)-very enjoyable    

(5 stars)-Holy Cannoli…the best!

1.  The Grand Budapest Hotel3 stars – I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I could sit through it again.

2.  American Sniper5 stars – my favorite!

3.  The Imitation Game4 1/2 stars – really enjoyed this story.

4.  Birdman2 1/2 stars – worthy of the hype, quirky and imaginative with great acting, but not a win in my book.

5.  Boyhood4 stars

6.  Whiplash – stay tuned

7.  The Theory of Everything – stay tuned

8.  Selma – stay tuned

Countdown to the Oscars…6 days!!  Can’t wait!


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One Comment
  1. Michelle permalink

    Yay! So glad you started this so we can get your thoughts. As usual, I’ve seen a big “1”of these movies your #1 post, and I’d give it a 2 on your rating scale. I want to see The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and maybe Selma.

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